Wednesday, November 14, 2012

# 12 We are grateful for adoption!

Adoption is such an awesome part our lives so today's project is near and dear to our heats.  Reece's Rainbow is the most amazing organization, it helps place Downs Syndrome and other Special Needs kids from countries like Russia and the Ukraine; where they are destined for certain institutionalization, with families in the U.S.  I can spend hours and many boxes of tissues reading the adoption blogs of families meeting their special angel for the first time.  Tonight we sat down with the kids and went through EVERY photolisting looking for kiddos that spoke to our hearts.  Each kid chose a child that they would like to give a donation.  The donations go to help with costs for the adoptive families who choose them.  Some of these adoption can cost close to 50K plus medical bills they will incur back in the states.  Here are the "angels" that stole our hearts
Vivian chose little Edna and Cannon chose Jamison, they both have Downs Syndrome. 

Cash picked out Zeke, isn't he a cutie?
Kai was adamant about Cooper, maybe because he could be Cooper's twin?  Same twinkle in his eye.  Cooper has no use of his legs.
Gigi didn't get to pick, she was already in bed so I got to make her pick.  If you are wondering - yes, we all fell in love and we all asked Jason if there is any way we could bring this angel home.  His exact words were "If we can go three weeks without a kid sleeping in our bed I will consider it."  That's a no.
Beautiful Beatrice.
11/20/12 UPDATE - Today Kai was sweetly playing (not the norm) with one of Gigi's baby dolls.  I told him how kind he was being and he said "Oh I know, I am just practicing for when I get to take care of Cooper".  Awww he thought we were picking out kiddos to live with us, and he was fine with that!

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