Monday, November 19, 2012

# 17 We are grateful for surprises!

Cannon stayed up REALLY late last night so this morning he did not want to get out of bed, said he had a stomach ache, I told him he could stay home from school, I think it surprised him.  He is a good student, works hard, I think he deserves a break every so often.  By lunchtime he was feeling better so we went out to lunch of his choosing. On our way out we left quarters on top of all the toy/candy machines...a fun surprise for some little person. 

Cannon and Kai helped me work on another fun project for this evening.  We stamped our trademark on 25 envelopes then stuck a note that said

Please do something nice for yourself.  Go out to dinner, buy a book, or get your nails done.  We are grateful for your place in this world, whoever you are. Remember you are special, loved and important. 

and then added some cash in each envelope.  On the outside we put a sticker than said "If you find this please open."
We surprised the kids tonight and took them to a Utah Jazz game, which they knew about, and took the train, which was the surprise part.  Gigi was especially excited!  All through the evening we stuck our envelopes in fun places to be found by strangers; on the seats on the train, taped to the window, on the ticket machine, in the bathroom stall, on a drinking fountain, on a bench, a tree, a ketchup dispenser, on a seat at the game.  We gave envelopes to panhandlers as well as four young men who gave up their seats on the train so our family could sit.  We only got to see one envelope being opened.  It was on the train on the way there.  A young man got on the train sat down, pulled his hood and headphones on and slumped down in his chair.  About 5 minutes later he noticed the envelope, looked around suspiciously then opened it.  Folded it up and put it in his backpack, then about five minutes later he opened his backpack took it out and read it again then put it in his pocket.  Took off his headphones and hood and started chatting with the people around him, giving directions, talking about the Jazz.  Awww, none of the kids said anything just watched but we were all thrilled we had brightened his day.  Of course, when we got off at our stop we looked back at the train and he was busy running through the train pulling off all the envelopes we had left...oh well, guess we REALLY brightened his day!

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