Friday, November 9, 2012

# 7 We are grateful for having...

Today we all stayed after school to help with Operation Christmas Child .   The kids packed boxes with toys, toiletries, candy, and homemade christmas cards to send to kids living in poverty.  I'd like to say that my kids felt so fortunate to have all the toys and clothes we could want but instead both Viv and Kai fell in love with the boxes they filled and threw a fit when I told them they were not theirs to keep.  Teaching kids about poverty is so difficult, they just can't imagine a world of not having...wish I knew better how to teach this lesson.  I guess gratitude is the key.

After that we finally got to do a project we'd been planning.  We went to the Dollar store and taped dollars with our little calling card on fun toys and games.  Hopefully some little one will find it and feel like he has won the lottery!
 UPDATE:  I added this picture of Vivian, she spent her entire evening making 15 beautiful holiday cards to give out to people she doesn't know that just need a surprise...I love her.

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